Monday, March 5, 2018

5 Tips For Playing Better Base Classes (The Complete List)

Way back in 2016, I started writing a series of articles with a fairly simple premise. I would take a core class, and then list five tips for overcoming stereotypes of that class, and give suggestions for how players could put new spins on the classics. Though the series had its ups and downs over the past year and a half (including being hosted on two different websites, now), I have finally worked my way through all 11 installments. So, from barbarians to wizards, I've got everyone in the Core Rulebook taken care of.

EDIT: In order to collect ALL of my 5 Tips articles (and my other, numbers advice lists) in one place, I've recently put together a 5 Tips page on this blog. Go check it out if you're looking for even more content just like this!

Assuming you don't multiclass, anyway.

The Complete Core Classes

The one problem I ran into while writing this series is that I can't go back and retroactively link the other parts of the series in older articles. This means that unless you start at the end of the alphabet and work backwards, it's tough to find the complete list.

Which is why I decided to link all the core class articles right here for easy perusal.

There. Now instead of digging through a search engine, or fishing in vain for the links in my archives, you have all of them right here, at your fingertips.

Also, since the series is ongoing, I figured I'd add the other base classes as I go.

Advanced Player's Guide Classes

- 5 Tips For Playing Better Alchemists
- 5 Tips For Playing Better Cavaliers
- 5 Tips For Playing Better Inquisitors
- 5 Tips For Playing Better Oracles
- 5 Tips For Playing Better Summoners
- 5 Tips For Playing Better Witches

5th Edition DND

There was one base class that didn't have a solid Pathfinder analogue in 5th edition, so I figured I would take a swing at it for the sake of completeness.

What's Next For The Series?

Despite how long it took me to get the series this far, I had a lot of fun putting it together. And, while the core classes are complete, there are still a lot of base classes I could write about if I wanted to continue. And though I've asked before on Facebook groups, I thought I'd put the question to all my readers. Would you like me to keep this series going, and to write "5 Tips" guides for the other base classes? Would you like me to stick strictly to Pathfinder, or should I branch out to 5E as well? Alternatively, should I branch out and write tips for building characters, which would be more mechanics focused instead of more roleplay centric?

I have no intention of stopping, but now that I've reached a little plateau, I figured I'd check to see what everyone else was interested in. After all, I create this content for you guys, so I thought I should check to make sure I'm giving you things you actually want.

That's all for this installment of Moon Pope Monday. If you've got opinions, feel free to contact me, or to leave a comment below. If you enjoyed those guides, why not check out the rest of my Vocal archive, or my other Infobarrel articles to see if something there also appeals to you? Alternatively, you might want to stop by the YouTube channel Dungeon Keeper Radio, where I work with other gamers to offer advice, and bring the world of Evora to life. If you want to keep up on all my releases, then follow me on Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter. Lastly, if you'd like to help support Improved Initiative then become a patron on The Literary Mercenary's Patreon page, or click here to Buy Me A Coffee!


  1. You did good with this. Thanks for pulling them all together in one spot.

  2. Thanks for pulling them all together! I'd love it if you did "5 Tips" guides for the other base classes, as well as more mechanics focused advice. While I don't really care for 5th I'm sure there are other readers here who also play 5th and would enjoy your advice on it.

  3. Thank you for this compilation! I wouldn't mind a Top 5 Tips for the Occult classes.

  4. Have you thought about moving to 5 tips to playing the classes better mechanically speaking? FLuff is very nice to have but at some point a player has to be effective at the class/role they are playing, or it usually ends up with a character death and reroll. Some players start to no longer get connected to the character because they feel they can not keep a character alive long enough to enjoy the fluff. Not total math crunching but tips/tricks/common feats that will just make the classes run smoother for anyone that might be struggling with being effective at the table.

    1. That would be the very thing I asked in the list above; if people want to see a separate series for BUILDING better PCs. Course, now that second ed has been announced, seems like it would be a waste of time to start until the dust settles.

  5. I would like to see a guide for building a better Summoner, not a broken Summoner. The line between the two seems to be really thin, and it's hard to make the summoner useful without making him overshadow the rest of the party.

  6. Please continue with more Pathfinder, please! No yucky 5th.

  7. These are all so great. Keep the base classes coming! I’d love to see the Oracle next.

  8. I love these articles so much! I'd love to see all the rest of the base classes. Personally, what I love most is the fluff aspects. There are already mechanic-based guides for all (or at least most classes), but these are a unique creature unto themselves. It's a nice reminder about what drew me to the game in the first place, and at least one of these guides has helped me look at how my character can fit (or not) into class concepts.

  9. Awesome post! This is one of my (new) favorites by you. Thanks for the great ideas!