Monday, December 29, 2014

Make Your Own, Custom Minis at Hero Forge!

There are few feelings as nice as digging through your miniatures and finding that one figure that is exactly what you want for your character. It has the right cloak, the right pose, the right race, and even the right weapon! Sometimes though your character is so wonky, strange, or otherwise hard-to-conceptualize that you're sure the only way you could get the right mini for it would be to get a custom made one.

That's where Hero Forge comes into the picture.

Korvosa, here we come!
The screen shot above is a design for the tiefling I'm currently running amok with in the adventure path Curse of the Crimson Throne and with the exception of his tail and goatee I was able to make a figure that accurately captured both his look and his attitude in minutes at Hero Forge. For those who've never tried to find a mini for a fairly exotic race, the ease with which I located this made me extremely happy.

The site gives you more options than just fantasy though. Whether you're playing a modern game or an Old Western, a Sci-Fi shoot-em-up or even a combination of these archetypes Hero Forge has all of the different options you need to create really unique minis. From hair and expression to pose, gear, and even their smirks, you should check out what you can do at Hero Forge to make your next 1-20 level character a real experience.

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