Monday, January 19, 2015

Who The F@#k Is My DND Character? A Random WTF Generator For Gamers

I'd like to start today's post with a brief aside. Are you the sort of reader who loves sword and sorcery stories that feature barbarian warriors facing off against rusting, defunct machines guarding long-buried ships from beyond the stars? When Paizo introduced Iron Gods were you bouncing in your seat to play it? If so then you should really check this out!

Why are you still here? Go check it out already!
Shadows of a Fading World is a great anthology for those who love weird tales set in the twilight of man where the looming shadow of the end times colors all. My contribution to this book, Paths of Iron and Blood, is a tale about a chieftain on the trail of a machine-cult that has stolen the tribe's children for an unknown but no doubt nefarious purpose.

It may, or may not have been inspired by a Kellid barbarian of mine to whom I wanted to grant a last, great adventure.

Anyway, onto this week's Moon Pope Monday Post!

Who The Fuck Is My DND Character?

Do you remember back in the before-fore time when you would roll your stats in order and then based on what you rolled you would be able to pick your class? While that isn't the way things are done these days it was a special kind of challenge to fulfill the role your dice gave you; especially if that role was not what you were typically comfortable with.

For those who'd like to trust the fickle hand of fate check out the Who The Fuck Is My DND Character page by clicking right here!

And how exactly does this voodoo bullshit work?
The page is pretty simple, actually. It's built with the WTF engine, and it throws together a list of random suggestions in order to built a basic character back story. You might be a bitchy dwarf bard who has already gained and lost a fortune, or a composed tiefling druid who is uncomfortable around old people because they smell like death.

The list goes on and on, and while it might not be everyone's bag it's a fun experiment. So if you want to see what the gods decide for your next DND party have everyone sit down and go to and see what the Internet grants you.

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