Monday, February 16, 2015

Mark Reads and Mark Watches Are Two Blogs You Should Really Check Out

So for those who aren't familiar with my convention dates I travel to Capricon in Chicago right around Valentine's. I'm typically there for the entire convention handing out business cards, sitting on panels, selling books, doing readings, etc. It's one of the best cons I've ever been to, and I'd highly recommend anyone looking for a good time to stop on in and take a look around.

One of the big benefits of going to Capricon though is the people you get to meet. People like this guy.

For those of you who have no idea who this person is the name you're searching for is Mark Oshiro. He's the owner and proprietor of Mark Reads (which is all about book reviews done chapter-by-chapter) and Mark Watches (which is the same sort of review, but for movies and TV shows instead of books). Unique and wry Mark provides a perspective that can keep you from wasting your time on material that isn't worthwhile, and give you a great insight to the stuff you should be watching.

Seriously, go check it out. Right now.

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