Monday, May 11, 2015

Obscure Belts Look Like Something Adventurers Would Wear on a Dungeon Crawl!

Have you ever stopped to consider the role that belts play in an adventurer's life? From sword and gun belts, to the baldrics that keep their treasures secured, there's a reason fantasy mercenaries and sci-fi explorers always seem to be a little strapped-in.

If you'd like something that looks this cool while still being practical you should check out Obscure Belts.

Do you have what it takes to unlock The Enigma.
Obscure Belts was started in 2005, and the company's stated goal is to make belts that are truly different. Unlike other fashion designers who will just change the buckle, Obscure Belts is dedicated to making a complete product that is unlike anything you've ever seen before. The brain child of Bryan Schultz, these belts capture the imagination in ways basic, practical belts simply don't.

Seriously, check out their collection!

I ran into Obscure Belts at this past C2E2 2015, and my brain immediately started building character concepts to represent each belt design I saw. It's only through a miracle that I managed to walk away from their booth with nothing more than a brochure. Still, I found these belts unique enough that I wanted to tell my readers about them, and provide a signal boost for a company producing something so unique just a few hours north of Chicago.

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