Monday, June 8, 2015

Creative Home Engineering Will Build You A Secret Passage!

Lots of us fantasize about having the ideal game room. You know, something with a cool gaming table, sturdy chairs, heavy bookshelves with all the reference material we need, and maybe a mounted dragon head above the minis case? For the really creative folks, maybe you also want a sound system so you can have pre-recorded lines delivered for your players, or fight music to go along with your combat rounds. Maybe you imagine a projector that will shoot a terrain map so you'll never need to use a boring old battle mat again?

All of that would be cool, but what if you could have a game room behind a secret door?

Some passages have better secrets than others.
Enter Creative Home Engineering. This company was created to do one thing, and to do that one thing excessively well; build secret passages in your home. Whether it's a playroom hidden under the stairs, or a study behind a moving bookshelf, Creative Home Engineering can give you what you want.

I'll give you a moment to get your breath back, and to let all those fantasies of building secret additions in your home finish flashing before your eyes. Don't worry, it's a totally normal reaction.

According to interviews with Creative Home Engineering, the company seems pretty evenly split regarding its clientele. Half of the people who call them up want a secret passage in their homes because they think it's neat. The passages add value to the property, and it makes their homes a truly unique place. The other half of their clientele tend to be looking for panic rooms, safe places to hide important documents, and escape routes in case someone breaks into their homes. There isn't a whole lot of in between, though there are a few cases where a client is mixing practicality with imagination.

No matter which one you think is cooler, can you imagine something like this being the gateway to your gaming den?

If you'd like to check out more cool stuff from this company, then visit Creative Home Engineering today! You might also want to check out Castle Magic, a contracting company that will build you a freaking castle!

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