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The Ecclesitheurge: Part One of a Powerful Mystic Theurge Build

The Mystic Theurge is one of the most popular prestige classes for players who love spellcasters. Mixing arcane power with divine might, these unique magic users draw their spells from a deeper knowledge of the universe than any single arcane or divine devotee could possibly grasp. From a practical standpoint, Mystic Theurges have a dizzying array of spells to pick from, and they can mix and match the slots from one class to cast spells from another, which can wreck all kinds of holy hell on unwary enemies.

Burning hands from domain spell, and charm person from the bard list.
Now, there are all kinds of class combinations you can put together to meet this build's prerequisites; you just need one that's arcane, one that's divine, and to be able to cast the proper level of spells. Perhaps the most traditional combination, though, is the wizard and the cleric. From the wizard you gain a huge number of spells to choose from, and a bonded item that can let you spontaneously cast a single spell of your choice from your spellbook even if you didn't prepare it that day. From the cleric you gain... exactly the same thing if you take the Ecclesitheurge archetype.

More Magic Than Your Body Has Room For!

The Ecclesitheurge is a very special kind of cleric, found on page 91 of the Advanced Class Guide. The Ecclesitheurge has a very limited selection of weapons, and gives up the ability to use armor or shields. Instead, this unique cleric takes a vow to be protected solely by the power of his or her faith (and whatever spells get cast on the character). You also lose out on the third boost of your channel's power. What you get in return is the ability to switch around the domains you draw your spells from (as long as they're still domains your god has), and you gain a bonded holy symbol (which works just like a wizard's bonded item, but for cleric spells).

Cure this disease, in the name of Cayden Cailean!
This bonded item is a lot more powerful than people give it credit for, because clerics gain access to all their spells. So any time you have that moment of, "shit, if I'd prayed for that spell today I could save the whole party!" you can just cast the spell instead of kicking yourself. And what does it cost you to get this great ability? Weapons you likely weren't going to wield because of how bad your base attack bonus progression is, and armor you probably weren't going to wear since it would have greatly hindered your arcane prowess.

Not only that, but if you're ever unsure about how safe you are, look down the sheer list of magic you have access to. Mage armor and shield never go out of style, and they'll be more than enough to see you through your first few levels until you start growing into your new found power. If you're worried about your offensive capabilities, combining domain powers like the fire bolt from the fire domain, and the telekinetic fist from the wizard's transmutation school mean that you've got plenty of power to throw around without even dipping into your spells.

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