Monday, October 3, 2016

The Key Armory is Here to Help You Unlock Adventure

Geeks love nothing more than to declare what we love. We plaster our favorite games on our tee shirts, dress up for conventions, put stickers on our cars, and more often than not have symbols tattooed on us, just in case someone tries to question how much we love our fandom. For those of you who've been looking for a new, subtle way to declare your fandom, though, The Key Armory has got your back.

Whomsoever pulls the sword from the stone will open the mythical Apartment 2B...
In case you didn't gather from the picture, The Key Armory sells key blanks in the shape of some of geekdom's favorite, and most famous, blades. Whether you prefer Longclaw from A Song of Ice and Fire, Anduril from Lord of The Rings, or the Sword of Omens from Thundercats, The Key Armory has got you covered. While they have ten designs at the moment (including stuff for all you Legend of Zelda and Final Fantasy fans), chances are good we're going to see that list expand fairly quickly.

So how does this process work? Well, you go to The Key Armory website, and find the key that best defines you and your needs. Then you order it, along with any other accessories you feel you must have, like the stone key holder pictured above. The keys are fairly cheap, as far as such things go, and they make excellent gifts or impulse buys. The Armory sends you your blank key, and then you take it to your friendly neighborhood key cutting service to have the proper teeth put on it.

As quests go, it isn't exactly The Temple of Elemental Evil. Still, as far as swag goes, it looks like entirely too much fun. So, whether you need a special key for your cabin in the woods, or you want people to know you're the lord of your castle, check out The Key Armory today!

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