Monday, June 26, 2017

High Level Games is Taking Things To The Next Tier

It seems like gaming sites are a dime a dozen these days, and everyone has a blog or a podcast you need to check out. However, when it comes to High Level Games, you can believe the hype. What started with the simple idea of bringing talented gamers together to create cutting-edge content has grown into something more; a centralized location for you to get fresh content to satisfy your gaming brain every, single day. I've been contributing for a few months, and my pieces include:

- 5 Explanations For A Favored Enemy Bonus (Other Than Vengeance)
- 5 Cool Pathfinder Background Traits You Missed
- The 5 Most Commonly Misremembered Rules in Pathfinder
- 5 Awesome (and Overlooked) Alchemical Items in Pathfinder

What lies on the other side? Step through, and find out!
Up until recently, High Level Games was basically going off of goodwill, gumption, and can-do attitude. I had the energy and content to spare, and I saw potential in what they were doing, so I rolled up my sleeves to do my part. With all of the site's contributors working together, each of us lending our expertise, the site has begun to cast a truly long shadow. With over 1,500 followers and counting on the High Level Games Facebook page (not an inconsequential achievement by any means), it's time for all of us to move into the next phase of things.

For that, though, we're going to need your help.

What The Future Holds

First and foremost, the formula that's gotten High Level Games where it is won't be changing. They're still putting out their podcast, and they still intend to give readers quality gaming posts on their blog. They are, however, moving into actually publishing fresh gaming material, instead of just creating commentary on what already exists.

Fresh material like this glorious bastard!
Cat's Meow is the first of a series of one-page adventures that High Level Games is putting out, and each one is going for the low price of a single dollar. The goal is to test the waters, and to see if there's a demand for more short, simple games like this one, or if players and DMs would like something bigger, and more involved in future projects.

Oh, this one's currently available at Drive-Thru RPG, by the way. In case you were interested.

This Is Where You Come In

So what does any of this have to do with you, discerning consumers of fine RPG products and content? Well, publishing endeavors like this are like plants; you need to feed and water them if you want to see them grow.

What does that mean? Well, it means you should stop by High Level Games, listen to the podcast, and read the blog. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube so they know they can count on your views. Tell your friends about their pages, share articles you like, and buy the one-page adventures that catch your eye as they become available.

Oh yeah... there is one other thing...
If you've been by the site, chances are you noticed how sleek and clean it is. That's because there are no ads on it. That has been a very deliberate decision, and it isn't one that's going to be changing any time soon. Of course, that also means that no matter how much traffic the site itself receives, it isn't generating any revenue. Not for the editors, and not for the writers like yours truly.

So if you really want to support High Level Games, and you want to see them keep growing, head over to the High Level Games Patreon page to become a patron. If you want to give a lot, then by all means, give a lot. If you just want to throw a couple of shiny quarters into the tip jar every month, then that would be appreciated as well. I place emphasis on this part because writers get paid with a cut of what patrons give every month. And at present, it would take at least $200 for us, as a group, to get a $10 pay day on the 30th.

Just to put things in perspective.

That's all for this week's Moon Pope Monday post. If you're a fan of High Level Games, then check them out, spread the word, and help us all keep doing what we love. If you'd prefer to give your support to me directly, or if you have enough scratch to support us both, then why not head over to The Literary Mercenary's Patreon page to become a patron? I've got free swag for all my new patrons, and I'm not shy about slinging it your way. And, lastly, if you want to stay up-to-date on all the content I'm putting out, then follow me on Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter.

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