Monday, August 21, 2017

Want Some Cool Props At Your Table? Check Out Paper Forge!

Being a devoted RPG lover is an expensive hobby. Even if you're a minimalist, getting only the handful of books you think are necessary, using apps on your tablet for fast access, and resisting the urge to buy a trailer full of dice, there is still one thing that's sort of essential for map-based games...


If you're on a grid, you need to keep track of who is where, and what's going on. To that end, players (and the DM especially) need to have minis. And, if you've ever been to your friendly local gaming store, you likely noticed that official gaming minis aren't cheap. That's one reason so many serious gamers have switched to tokens or cutouts. These are cheaper, and you still get cool, distinctive art that lets you visualize the battlefield.

If you're in the market for unique paper minis, though, you need to check out Paper Forge.

I think this gets the point across.
What's Paper Forge? Well, according to the rundown on their Patreon page, Paper Forge is a pair of gamers and illustrators who love making custom content for their games. And since they're already doing it for the games they're running/playing in, they figured they may as well make those resources available to the community at large.

What does that mean? In short, that anyone who likes the paper minis they've made is free to download and print them. The files are on their Tumblr page, and they're designed for ease of assembly. However, for fans who like their work, and who become Paper Forge Patreon patrons, there is so much more available. Gaming cards, more detailed minis with fronts and backs, and a slew of other custom gaming props that are reserved for the VIPs who help keep the pens and printers busy.

So... yeah. Just a kickass resource that I stumbled across, and whose signal I wanted to big-up. Because I think they're doing some sweet work, and we can never have too much unique art, or unusual minis at our tables.

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