Monday, February 26, 2018

Light A Candle, And Begin Your Epic Adventure!

We all like having a little ambiance at our tables to help get us in the mood. Maybe it's drinking from a mug instead of a can. Perhaps your DM plays a few hand-crafted tracks from Tabletop Audio to set the mood, and tone. And, sometimes, we like to light a few candles. However, if you're going to go for that last one, then you might as well get a wood wick candle from the Epic Adventure Candle Company.

Ho, villains! Beware my fresh, charismatic scent!

What Makes These Candles So Special?

I ran into the Epic Adventure Candle Company in the dealer's room at Capricon this year, and I stopped in my tracks. Firstly, because seeing a candle booth at a sci-fi con was an unexpected occurrence that I had to investigate. Secondly, because the candles had scents like Dungeon, The Rains of Castamere, and Butterbeer. Terra, the shop owner, noted my interest, and when I offered to help her spread the word, she gave me the candle you see above. After all, you can hardly write about a product if you never really used it yourself. Hard logic to argue with, especially when I was being handed a candle.

For my two cents, Epic Adventure makes some great candles. The scents are unique (I also picked up a Winter is Coming as a gift for someone), without being overpowering. More than that, though, they're are highly portable, since they come in a convenient can or jar with a top to stop the wax from getting all over your game books and dice. And, while I didn't think it would be that big of a deal, the wood wick actually does lend a kind of authentic crackle to the candle once you light it. That, and the candles burn a hell of a lot longer with a wood wick than with a more traditional one.

My DM didn't give me the +2 bonus at my next Friday game, sadly, but even without it I was pleased I'd brought my candle to the table.

Give It A Try!

So, while it isn't precisely the sort of gaming accessory a lot of folks feel compelled to have at their table, consider giving one of the Epic Adventure Candle Company's wood wicks a try. Or, if you're looking for a little something to show your appreciation to a fellow geek, they've probably got something in their size. Check them out over on the Epic Adventure Candle Company Etsy store, and follow them on Facebook to stay up on their latest doings.

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