Monday, March 26, 2018

Want Cheap Minis? Wizards and Five Below Are Here To Help!

If you are part of any online gaming groups, chances are you've heard about Magic The Gathering's Arena of The Planeswalkers board game. It allows two to four players to take on the role of planeswalkers, gives you cards to play, map tiles to place on the board, and a small legion of minions to call upon in order to crush your enemies.

All in all, a fun way to spend a few hours.
While this game is just fine on its own, it's all the components that come with it that caught my eye. There the five planeswalker minis you can see on the front, but there are also thirty monster minis, map terrain, and a black D20. Which, for what I paid for it, makes it one hell of a haul.

That is some serious swag for $5.
If you've seen this game lurking around your friendly local gaming store, or up on a shelf in one of the few toy stores we still have, you likely saw a pretty big price tag on it. However, if you are fortunate enough to have a Five Below near you (which I do, and this tip was what got me to go in there in the first place), you might be able to grab one of these for a fraction of what it should cost.

So, whether you're just looking to add some monsters to your collection, get some cheap minis, or you genuinely want to try the game on for size, keep your eyes peeled for it. I don't know why it is so cheap, if it just didn't move copies or something, but it's at a bargain basement price now.

Also, if you don't happen to have it near you, it's possible to grab a copy over on Amazon. It's a little more expensive, but if you've got Prime, you can still get all this for a little more than a ten-spot.

That's all for this week's Moon Pope Monday. The Internet tipped me off to this find, so I thought I'd do my part to spread the word. If you'd like to see more of my work, go check out my Vocal archive, or stop by the YouTube channel Dungeon Keeper Radio where I and other local gamers get together to make videos on gaming advice, skits, and lore for the world of Evora. If you want to stay on top of all my latest releases, then follow me on Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter. And, if you want to support my work here on Improved Initiative, head over to The Literary Mercenary's Patreon page, or click here to Buy Me A Coffee! Either way, I'll shoot you some sweet gaming swag as a thanks for your help.


  1. Thanks for the tip. I'll be looking for it.

  2. How likely is a 5 Below going to have this besides the one you got yours at?

    1. No clue. A crap shoot that's worth popping in, if you have a local store. If you don't, I wouldn't make the drive on a hope.

  3. Somehow, looking for this online, in the UK, found it on for £12.99.

    Thanks for the tip man.