Monday, May 14, 2018

Random Tables, Courtesy of Azukail Games!

As folks know, I tend to have a dozen different plates spinning at any given time. I run this blog, as well as my author blog The Literary Mercenary, for starters. I contribute articles to Vocal, and I help out on the YouTube channel Dungeon Keeper Radio. I write short stories, novels, and on top of all that, I take on projects for a wide variety of clients.

One of those clients that I've been working with for a while now is Azukail Games. And given the sheer amount of stuff they have on the market, I thought I'd do my best to boost their signal, and let folks know what they can get their hands on.

Some of us need all the help we can get, after all.

So, What've You Got?

Well, I've been putting together lists for Azukail for a couple months now, so I figured I'd give you the links to those resources so you can check them out yourself. And, of course, you should feel free to shop around while you're there.

- 100 Miscellaneous Bits of Tat To Find: For when you want some fun loot that costs less than a gold piece. Available in both PF and 5E versions.

- 100 Pieces of Flotsam and Jetsam To Find on a Beach: If your party is wandering along the shoreline, here's a d100 worth of stuff they might come across. Available in both PF and 5E.

- 100 Random Oracular Pronouncements: This list can be meaningless, or you could build a whole arc around the symbolism in this one. System neutral.

- 100 Random Encounters in a Fey Forest: Fey are dangerous, and their territory even more so. This one is both in a system neutral and PF specific version.

- 100 Random Taverns: Because you always scramble for tavern names. So, why not have a list of them on-hand, complete with unique features, histories, and even a few NPCs? System neutral.

- A Baker's Dozen Pieces of Lore: Coming up with lore on the fly can be hard. So why not have some solid pieces at your fingertips to add some gravitas to your game? System neutral.

- A Baker's Dozen of Enchanted Volumes: You want more magic books? Well, here are a dozen of them. Meant to work with Pathfinder.

These are just a small sample of the products Azukail has available, and most of them don't cost more than a couple bucks. Some of them are less than a dollar! So if you've been looking for some fun DM aids to put a little more flavor into your game nights, give them a try! Or, if you just like content made by yours truly, check them out and see if you and I are on the same wavelengths.

Lastly, if you want a single place you can keep up with all my gaming supplements and books, I have boards dedicated to them on Pinterest now! So why not follow me, and never miss another drop?

That's all for this installment of Moon Pope Monday! I listed my usual side projects as the top this time, though, so if you'd like to stay up on all my updates, follow me on Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter. Also, if you'd like to support Improved Initiative, then toss some change into The Literary Mercenary's Patreon page. Or you could just Buy Me A Ko-Fi, that would work just fine as well.

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  1. Great stuff, BTW where did you get/find the rock, paper, scissors, lizard, Spock dice?