Tuesday, December 4, 2018

5 Phenomenal Authors Whose Work You Should Check Out

As anyone who reads my Monday updates knows, when I'm not giving my thoughts on improving your performance behind the DM screen, I'm typically trying to big up a signal for other creators. And since I recently released my sword and sorcery novel Crier's Knife, I figured I'd take a moment to share with you the work of some other authors who should be on your shelf as well.

The following will be particularly useful if you're in the market for Christmas presents (and you want your friends and loved ones to do more reading), or if you've got a resolution this new year to try reading one book a month.

#1: Clinton Boomer

Seriously, why haven't you read this yet?
If you're a regular on my blog, you know that I mention Clinton a lot. He's a fellow RPG writer, and his Tumblr That Boomer Kid is chock-full of strange, dark, and bizarre ideas for your games. However, his novel The Hole Behind Midnight is a wild ride that will take you into the 25th hour. If you liked his gaming contributions, they have only barely prepared you for this book. Seriously, strap in for the strange, the unusual, and the bizarre, because you'll find all of that and more in this novel.

#2: Lauren Jankowski

For you series lovers out there, here's one to sink your teeth into.
If you're looking for a series that's both different and familiar all at the same time, then the Shape Shifter Chronicles is definitely something you should take a look at. It's got shape shifters, characters protecting the Earth, characters trying to destroy it, and a lot of solid twists and turns throughout. The series recently got a re-release, and a whole new series of covers, so if you're looking for a new book, read the preview on Sere From The Green to see if it grabs you. Then, if you like it, check out Lauren Jankowski's Amazon Author Page.

Also of note is her project Asexual Artists, which has been running for some time, and is meant to give a platform to a community of artists who are often ignored or marginalized.

#3: Megan Mackie

If you love worlds with magic and tech, you're in for a treat.
For folks who read my other blog, The Literary Mercenary, I had an interview with Megan there about her first book Finder of The Lucky Devil. In a world that combines magic and high-tech, Rune Leveau acts as a Finder for potent, and often lost things. When she's contracted by a cybernetically-enhanced corporate spy to track down a mysterious, wanted woman, things quickly go off the rails. A solid read, and the sequel The Saint of Liars is finally out! They'll keep you turning the pages, and when you have no more to turn, you'll start checking her release dates to see when the next one's coming out.

You can find all of her books, past, present, and future, on Megan Mackie's Amazon Author Page.

#4: Rick Heinz

I checked, the author DOES in fact have that coat.
If you cannot get enough of stories where the safe, sane, scientific world is peeled back by the ghoulish fingers of the dead and damned, then Rick Heinz may just be your newest favorite author. Following a man hell-bent on lifting the veil on the world of the dead, he soon finds himself caught between forces far larger than he ever suspected lurked in the world. The Seventh Age Dawn is a lot of fun, and you can find the author's other books on Rick Heinz's Amazon Author Page.

#5: K.M. Herkes

When your mid-life crisis gives you superpowers, things can get VERY weird.
We've all ready our share of superhero novels in this day and age, but K.M. Herkes puts a twist on her tales... what if you didn't develop your powers until you hit middle age? Or even older? She's got several books set in this universe, and they're unlike anything you'll read from DC or Marvel. So why not check out her book Rough Passages, or head over to K.M. Herkes Amazon Author Page to see if anything else there strikes your fancy?

That's all for this week's Moon Pope Monday update. If you check out any of the authors here, make sure you help spread the word about them, and leave reviews on their books. And, while you're at it, don't forget to stop by My Amazon Author Page where you can find Crier's Knife along with a dozen other books to keep you turning pages well into the new year!

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  1. Looking forward to talking to you next week. I am really impressed with how you promote other writes. I think you are a very special person...and I love the new book!