Monday, January 14, 2019

Don't Have Time To Waste With Your Games? Check Out First Five Reviews!

As most folks who follow my blog know, in addition to creating gaming content, I'm also an author and a regular convention participant. So when a friend of mine from con invited me to do a reading from my sword and sorcery novel Crier's Knife at the Gumbo Fiction Salon hosted at the Galway Arms in Chicago, I really couldn't say no.

If you're wondering what I read, check out the free sample!
The reading went beautifully, and when I and my fellow readers had closed our covers, I stood around talking with several of the other participants. One fellow I met, whose work I found intriguing, told me that he'd been working on building a YouTube channel for a while. The idea behind it was that, since no one working today's ridiculous hours has the time to throw away on playing games that may demand months of your energy, that he would find games that gave you quality over quantity. Games that lacked unnecessary filler, and which didn't string you along for two, three, or four unnecessary cliffhangers so you could feel like you got value out of your play time.

That idea intrigued me, which is why I'd like to tell all of your out there about First Five Reviews!

Games For People Who Have Stuff To Do

I remember back in the days of yore where I could sit in front of a television screen for five or six hours a day for weeks at a stretch, and find all the little puzzles, secrets, and story chocolates in an intricate RPG. Or where I could go through a fighting game and figure out how to win with every character on the roster so I got all the lore.

These days, you're lucky if I pick up a controller once in a blue moon. So knowing there is someone out there who also has no time for bullshit in a game makes this channel a valuable screening tool for what I do with my free time.

Also, since I've helped out on Dungeon Keeper Radio so much, I know exactly how hard it can be to build a following, and get the necessary view counts to get your channel monetized. So I figured I'd help a creator out with one hand, and show everyone this cool new thing I found with the other.

That's a thing you know about now. Go check it out!

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