Monday, April 14, 2014

The Dead Alewives "Dungeons and Dragons"

As we all know (or should know if you tuned in for last week's update which was all about the upcoming "Dark Dungeons" movie) the reason that so many tabletop games continue to walk around with a bad rep is because of a massive panic engineered in the 1980s called the Satanic Panic. It was no laughing matter; this witch hunt destroyed families, locked people up for decades on false, trumped-up charges and left a lingering pall over American culture that still leads to bullying, suspicion, and outright lies about people who enjoy certain forms of entertainment (more on all of that here).

There is only one response to this kind of baseless, groundless sensationalism; ridicule the holy shit out of it! And that is just what the Dead Alewives, a comedy troupe popular in the 1980s and 1990s, did in their famous skit "Dungeons and Dragons." Both parts of said skit are featured below, so if you've only heard the first half why not give both halves a listen?

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