Monday, September 29, 2014

The Demon Hunters RPG, From Dead Gentlemen, is Back!

Most gamers know Dead Gentlemen Productions as the hilarious filmmakers responsible for movies like The Gamers and its sequel, The Gamers 2: Dorkness Rising. However, what my fellow tabletop enthusiasts might not know is that Dead Gentlemen has hooked up with a team of RPG professionals to produce a new roleplaying game. Demon Hunters RPG: A Comedy of Terrors.

Wait a second... what the hell is Ned doing here?

Hold On A Minute... I've Seen This Before!

Yes you have, and no you haven't. You see Demon Hunters began, like so many great things, at a college. The film achieved some serious regional success, and Dead Gentlemen Productions got straight to work on the sequel Dead Camper Lake. It took until 2008, but Dead Gentlemen partnered with Margaret Weiss Productions to release the first Demon Hunters Roleplaying Game.

The game managed to bring together both fun and laughter, and it made a splash with some gamers. Though it didn't become the new standard that everyone had to play, it got more than a little bit of press.

So Where Does The New Part Come In?

Well you see in April 2014 Demon Hunters was turned into a webcomic (didn't know that, did you?). The webcomic, which is located right here, reset large parts of the story's canon and changed many of the previous world rules. So since the story is changed it only makes sense to change the rest of the game too.

The new game will follow the new canon, but more than that it will also be using rules inspired by the Fate System, as opposed to what the previous rulebook had. It will be handy, dandy, and portable with a bible-sized book that will make double-checking rules look more like reading the forbidden text of an ancient grimoire.

Or at least it will, once Dead Gentlemen reach all of their Kickstarter campaign goals (go here to help!).

You can click the link in the last sentence to get all of the details, but Dead Gentlemen Productions have already wrapped up shooting for a new film that will be part of the upcoming RPG. So if you want to see more from this group the least you can do is spare a dollar to help them reach their goal

And if you can spare more than a dollar you can get killed in action! The highest honor a Demon Hunter could ask for.

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