Monday, October 20, 2014

Crit Confirm: The Place to Go To Find Gamers Just Like You

The Internet (at least the parts of it that aren't dedicated to erotica and cat videos) seems to be populated by geeks and gamers. That sounds great, but to anyone who's tried to navigate the cramped back rooms and sticky hallways of the information superhighway the struggle to find a community where people are supportive, the discussions are interesting, and you want to keep coming back for more without paying a fee are few and far between.

You're looking for something like this. Soft, warm, and perfectly adapted for its environment.
That is why you need to know about Crit Confirm.

What Is Crit Confirm?

The true-but-unhelpful answer is that it's a website (which you can go look at for yourself right here).

For those who want more information before clicking the link though, Crit Confirm is one part gamer forum, one part review and advice page, and one part podcast. Growing in popularity the group that runs it is headquartered in the heartland of the Midwest (around Indianapolis, well within the radiation zone of Gen Con), and it's quickly reaching levels of influence that will make it the next bandwagon to jump onto. There's no membership fee, there's an ever-larger sphere of articles for tabletop lovers, video game players, and even those who have planted their geek flag into movies and anime.

They also have swag, and all the proceeds go right back into keeping the site producing great content for you and users just like you.

It's like finding hundreds of these in one place, and then having them all hug you at once.
So if you're looking for another great place to get your daily dose of great gaming, why aren't you clicking Crit Confirm's link? Get a user name, say hi on the forums, and check out all the new content they've put up since the biggest event in gaming packed up the big top and blew out of Indianapolis.

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