Monday, October 27, 2014

This Cabinet is The Reason You Need A Rogue In Your Party

Have you ever noticed that most rogues have been rendered obsolete thanks to a well-placed greatax? Doors, traps, and most other obstacles can be overcome through brute force and healthy constitutions which doesn't always leave room for those who rely on skill and a masterwork set of lock picks.

Then There are challenges like this one.

What is this amazing thing, you ask? Well that is the 200 year old writing cabinet used by King Fredrick William II, among other famous and important personages. Filled with hidden compartments, secret springs and locked doors, what other things could you put in here? Gas-traps and poisoned needles for the unwary? And if what you need are documents inside it then any attempt to break the desk would result in those documents being dropped in a vial of acid, or otherwise destroyed. Perhaps this cabinet is an intricate lock used to keep a demon sealed away inside (like the Lament Configuration, except with a key), and to solve the riddle is to let the creature out.

There are a lot of different ways you could go with this. Or maybe you just want to give your players a flavorful bit of fun when they're being handed orders by the undersecretary of state for his Majesty's peace.

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  1. Of course, even with the option of battleaxe, sometimes you don't want destroyed furniture to tip off the owner that you've been rifling through their things.