Monday, March 23, 2015

Improve Your Combat Roleplaying With Combat Description Cards From Conflict Games LLC.

Regular blog readers likely caught my recent post How To Roleplay During Combat, where I laid out a series of suggestions for improving roleplay during your initiative order. The post got a big response from players across a variety of games, but one of the most common points that was made was that not all players are capable of pulling out vivid descriptions on command.

That's a valid point. In response to this point though I'd like to point out that these exist.

And they're marvelous.
What you're looking at are Combat Description Cards from Conflict Games LLC. These cards are, simply put, a randomizer that allows players to always have something clever on hand when they manage to land a blow. Whether they're ranged fighters, power fighters, or finesse fighters, and whether they're using blunt, slashing, or piercing weapons there is something here for everyone.

Except magic users... because you already have descriptions in the book for what your spells look like.

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