Monday, March 16, 2015

Special Edition Soaps Fights The War On Con Funk!

While geek culture has become cool (we were all so ahead of our times) there are some stereotypes that keep hanging on. One of them, perhaps the most embarrassing, is that certain geeks just aren't on speaking terms with hygiene. Rather than just sit by in silent embarrassment, or to try and explain to people that not all geeks are like that Emily Hawk and Doug Menke decided to stand up and do something about it.

They formed Special Edition Soaps, and they're sending out an S.E.S. to you.

Yes this is S.H.I.E.L.D. issue soap. There may or may not be a Hydra symbol beneath it...

What Is Special Edition Soaps?

I've talked about S.E.S. before, but that was when they were called Natural 20 Soaps. The short version is that they are a company who makes high-quality, all-natural soaps that come in a lot of different geeky flavors (they're also ideal for shaving, according to this shaving life hacks guide). Do you want soap that smells like a lime and looks like a huge 20-sided die? They've got that. Do you want a Tardis-shaped soap that's all-natural and long-lasting? They have that too. How about an R2D2 that's full of dice?

Yeah they have that too.

There's also hand soap.
So where can you acquire some of these amazing soaps? Well you can go to Special Edition Soaps' Etsy page to browse their archive of great and geeky soaps. If you're not the sort of person who likes to shop online though you can find Special Edition Soaps at conventions like C2E2 (and a full list of the cons they appear in can be found on the Special Edition Soaps blog). And if you have any questions, comments, or you just want more information check out the Special Edition Soaps homepage.

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