Monday, October 12, 2015

A Rapier Hidden Inside A Snake Bracelet

Hidden weapons are one of the tricks of the trade when it comes to roleplaying games. Rogues and ninjas are practically guaranteed to have at least one dagger on their person that won't be found before they're locked up, along with a few other odds and ends that will help them break out of nearly any prison cell. Canny duelists and back alley brawlers know that sometimes an unexpected blade, or a fist weight, can be what really turns the tide in their favor. However, reality is sometimes a lot more badass than fiction. That is definitely the case involving what most people refer to as the snake rapier.

No big deal. Nothing to see here.
It doesn't look like much, right? Just a detailed silver bracelet that's a little too large for the average bard. However, as you see on We Waste Time, the surprise hidden in this piece of jewelry is unexpected in the extreme.

Roll initiative.
What you're looking at is a fine example of 19th century Toledo steel from Spain. The blade is 7 millimeters thick, 20 millimeters wide, and 810 millimeters long. For those of you who haven't been to science class in a while, the conversion for that is a blade that's over two and a half feet long, and that holds an edge and a point as deadly as any other rapier. The blade is dated in the year 1846, and inscribed with the words Acargo del Cuerno de Artilleria.

That is one hell of a back-up weapon.

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