Monday, December 14, 2015

Want More Fae in Pathfinder or 5e? Help Support The Faerie Ring!

EDIT: For those who came across this recently, the campaign is over, and the book is now available! If you want to check out The Faerie Ring, it's up at RPG Now, and other fine retailers. There's also a campaign guide for Along The Twisting Way if you're looking to increase your adventure!

There are certain monsters you just expect to see in your average campaign. You're going to see devils and demons, you're probably going to have to deal with goblins, orcs, or kobolds, and some variety of undead. And, if you're very good, or very lucky, you're likely going to have to fight a dragon at some point. Depending on how angry you've made the DM, there may be a template or two on said dragon.

But what about when you're tired of all that? You've slain half a dozen lich kings, slaughtered a clutch worth of great wyrms, and you've upholstered your furniture in demon hide. Where can you go to get some adventure back in your game?

The Faerie Ring, of course!

Come dance in the circle... what's the worst that could happen?

What's The Faerie Ring?

I'm glad you asked!

The Faerie Ring is a Kickstarter going on right now from Zombie Sky Press, and the goal is to fully flesh out the fae as a race, and to give you more than the occasional quickling or redcap to add in to your campaign. The Faerie Ring gives you fae overlords, and details their realms and cities both on the material plane, and off it. It provides histories of these great lords and ladies, as well as the origins and tales of how the lesser fae races came to be. The book provides all the lore you could ask for, and then some, while also providing new creatures, templates, and even playable fae races for those who want to do something truly different with their games. More than just a bloodline and the few traits you're used to!

Who wouldn't want to get in on this action?
Also, just in case all that sweet, sweet world building wasn't enough to entice you, The Faerie Ring will also provide adventures for your players! Players who, unless they have a love of Celtic mythology and a rapacious appetite for Irish folklore, will be entering a world they're almost completely unfamiliar with.

Not only that, but this content is brought to you by some heavy hitters in the game design scene, including Monica Marlowe, Wolfgang Baur, Scott Gable, and Clinton Boomer!

Really, why wouldn't you want something this unique sitting on your game shelf, tempting players with truly unusual adventures in the realms unseen? All you have to do is help Kickstart it, and to do that, just check out the campaign and pledge today!

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