Monday, February 8, 2016

Ancient Mythology Family Trees, Fully Illustrated

Mythology is one the biggest influences on fantasy RPGs. We use it for our monsters, for our quests, and in many cases we have pulled our gods straight from the pages (or runestones, or oral histories) of world religions. Whether it's older editions of Dungeons and Dragons, or games like White Wolf's Scion, ancient mythologies are always close to hand.

Which is why I thought that this image, uploaded at Imgur by Shoopdawoop2000, is particularly awesome.

EDIT: The comic is originally by Korwin Briggs, whose website is Veritable Hokum.

These trees will have no real effect on your game, unless you have a cleric who needs to be able to explain a pantheon to the curious with a chart. Mostly, I chose to make this my Monday update because I think they're cool, and the illustrations gave me a few chuckles on my way down the page. So, I hope all of you find this just as amusing as I did.

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  1. "Impregnated via tainted lettuce"
    "Licked into being by primeval super-cow"
    "Simultaneously birthed by nine mothers"
    "Burst fully-armed from forehead"

    Mythology is weird.

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