Monday, February 22, 2016

Gargoyle Forge is Your New Destination For LARP Gear

Live action roleplaying is not a cheap hobby, especially if you're a regular attendee in boffer games. From your boots to your cloak, your bedroll to your backpack, you find yourself constantly trying to find gear that fits your persona, but which will also hold up to long days and nights of adventure. Some of the biggest costs you're going to have to deal with, though, are your weapons and armor. They need to be up to a certain standard, and if you want to maintain your persona you have to invest in the good stuff. Even high-quality items from some of the best names in the boffer world, though, can give out after a year or so of regular use, meaning you're faced with the difficult decision of whether or not you shell out another C-note for a new blade.

Dara Williamson, though, decided to take on an art project. An art project which quickly grew into a very notable name in LARPing circles.

After all, where the hell else can you buy boffer torches?

Gargoyle Forge is Your One Stop LARP Shop

What Dara found was that she had a knack for making high-quality LARP gear that lasted several times longer than even the most well-known products on the market. That was when she started crunching the numbers, and seeing how fast she could create new products without sacrificing an ounce of handmade quality. Which is why everything from spears and torches (which hold glowsticks, making them ideal off-hand blockers for nighttime ambushes), to longswords and katanas can be found at her company Gargoyle Forge. With reasonable prices, and a quality guarantee that makes most LARPers eyes widen a little bit, they've been in business since 2012. Not only that, but a lot of the gear they've sold is still in use by their initial customers, and most of it's looking nearly as good as the day they bought it.

They also do custom commissions as well... in case you were wondering.
In addition to practical gear for boffer warriors, though, Gargoyle Forge also creates cosplay-quality props. That's particularly useful for serious cosplayers who don't want to deal with the sheer weight of a wooden prop, and who can't bring live steel to an event. Gargoyle Forge's gear is lightweight, keeps its finish, and can take a hit while dishing out a riposte or two.

What more could you ask for?

If this sounds like the sort of thing you'd like to get on, check out Gargoyle Forge's Facebook page to get a load of some of their past work and convention appearances. If you're in the market for serious props today, though, stop by The Gargoyle Forge store.

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