Monday, July 18, 2016

Authentic, Handmade Calligraphy Tools From Green Man Calligraphy Supply

As folks know, my Monday updates are where I like to big up cool things I've found, and signal boost geeky folk I think my readers would get a kick out of. That's why, in the past, I've talked about the Dungeoncrate subscription box service, as well as Gargoyle Forge, which sells some of the highest quality boffer gear you'll ever find, along with dozens of other products and services the geek nation should know about.

That's why, this week, I want to tell you about Green Man Calligraphy Supply.

Now this is rocking it old school!
What you're looking at there are some of the genuine, no frills quills that Green Man Calligraphy Supply makes. A real scribe's pen that's meant for business, it's been stripped, scraped, trimmed, and made ready for your use. Made from only the finest goose feathers, these quills are ready for use right out of the box, though you can still trim and shape the tip if you find it not quite to your liking. Whether you're bent over your gaming table at home, or recording your latest adventures in-character at your favorite LARP, these pens won't fail you.

Of course, what good is a pen without ink? That's why, in addition to these fine quills, you can also buy hand-mixed iron gall ink. This ink, which is safe for all papers, and which won't damage a quill pen, or a metal-nibbed one (as long as it's cleaned after every use), is made using a personal recipe that gives you dark, smooth ink every time. Not too thick, not too watery, you'll find it's just right. Whether you're a fan of historical re-enactments, or you just want to make your handouts a little extra authentic at your table.

These are, of course, just the basics you'll need when it comes to hand-written, homemade calligraphy. They also offer Medieval-style reed pens, as well as red ocher pigment. With that said, though, you should regularly check back with Green Man Calligraphy Supply's Etsy store to stay up on the latest offerings. After all, if they get popular among a new wave of DMs who want to get some old-fashioned writing done, chances are good they'll expand their lines to include even more diverse products. Also, if you're truly interested in the history and art of calligraphy, check out Scribe Scribbling, the owner's blog all about how scribes did it back in the day.

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