Monday, February 17, 2014

Out of Context D&D Quotes: Submit Yours Today!

This week on Moon Pope Monday we'd like to direct your attention to something that is both hilarious and user-friendly! For those of you with a Tumblr page (we're all very grateful you made it over here, by the way), or who just like the idea of Tumblr then check out Out of Context D&D Quotes! It's great fun, you can submit quotes from any game you're currently playing, and peruse the list for a few that make you really wonder what the hell was going on in that other game.

Yeah... so... ummm... I know folks are used to an image set or a video with these updates. All I had this week was a link. So have this instead!

This car runs on nightmare fuel.
This is the latest anthology to feature one of my stories ("Double Feature" is the title and it's a fantastic romp through the freaky 50s for those who love period pieces). If you think it looks cool, or you just want to know why the hell there's a giant tentacle reaching for a Cadillac on a rainy road, just go here and pre-order your copy for less than $5.

That's all for me, but stay tuned for another piece later this week! As always feel free to click "Bribe the DM" in the upper right hand corner, become a patron at our Patreon page, and as always to follow us on Facebook and Tumblr.

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