Monday, April 20, 2015

Crit Confirm is The Place For Gamers Looking For a New Podcast

Finding places that bring together community, information, and fun isn't always easy when it comes to the tabletop gaming community. Forums like Reddit are great for finding a lot of gamers in one place, but it's easy to get lost in the shuffle. Facebook groups are another good place to go, but sometimes you have to join five or six groups before you find the ones that are right for you. YouTube channels run by long-time gamers are beautiful for those of us who want to be entertained with amusing shenanigans, or to find just the right combination of abilities for that ideal character build, but they're not all that great for interaction.

Crit Confirm brings you the best of all worlds, and it does it without costing you a single penny.

They don't have silly goats though, so here's one on the house.
I've talked about Crit Confirm before, but the site has gone through something of a phoenix molting since then. The group began with a podcast centered in Indianapolis (Gen Con country has made for some fun casts in the past), and it's since grown and re-organized into a one-stop shop for gamers, movie lovers, and comic book fans.

The site contains articles on a variety of topics, ranging from movie and game reviews to roleplaying and DMing tips. The podcast comes in a few distinct flavors, one of which is D20 Debut where individuals on the show talk about how to best build famous characters, or even real world celebrities like Bruce Lee. There are also gaming videos on their YouTube channel (which is admittedly a bit heavy on the Minecraft), and the main site boasts a forum where gamers of all kinds can meet, greet, and start "spirited discussions" about the things they love best.

This sounds an awful lot like a sales pitch...
In the interest of full disclosure the last time I wrote about Crit Confirm was just to help boost the signal for a group of gamers who are doing their best to provide great content. Since that previous writing though I have become a contributor for the site which has published articles of mine like Tips and Tricks For Making Memorable Towns and the divisive The Sliding Scale of Technology and Magic where I discuss why people lose their damn minds over classes like the gunslinger.

So some of the site's content does bear my name, but if you're a regular Improved Initiative reader then that should just give you an extra push to go check out Crit Confirm for yourself!

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