Monday, April 13, 2015

Madness Awaits With The Sculpted Call of Cthulhu Dice Tower!

H.P. Lovecraft's mythos seems to have become a touch stone for readers, writers, and gamers everywhere. From Call of Cthulhu games set in the dead center of the mythos to tabletop games like Pathfinder and Dungeons and Dragons who brush up against him to varying degrees, the big-C has become something of a rock star in the gaming community.

Which is why if you who want the (old) gods on your side when it's time to play absolutely need one of these.

Make a will save, and then you can roll your dice.
What you're looking at is a Cthulhu dice tower designed and sculpted by the very talented Fred Fields. If you're wondering why your game shop doesn't have these available (especially since the owner is always wearing Miskatonic University tee-shirts), the reason is because this little beauty is currently a Kickstarter project. The video for the project is below, but you can still get in on it if you act quickly by going to the Cthulhu dice tower's page!

Seriously though, if you want to play a cultist who is serious business, or you're contemplating running a Call of Cthulhu game of your very own and want to let your players know they're in for some hardcore madness this is an accessory that's well worth the time and money.

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