5 Tips

For several years I've been using the "5 Tips" format for articles aimed at providing advice to my fellow players and dungeon masters. I've covered classes and fantasy races, as well as general DM advice and storytelling tricks.

And since I've put together so many of these numbered lists, I figured it was time to bring them all together in a single archive so my readers could more easily find them.

So let's get started, shall we?

5 Tips For Base Classes

The other main component of most PCs is their class. This has been the longest-running part of the series, and as long as folks keep reading, I'll keep tracking down new classes to share tips for!

Core Rulebook


Ultimate Intrigue


5 Tips For Playing Better Warlocks

5 Tips For Fantasy Races

Whether you're looking to put a new twist on an old favorite, or you need some inspiration for a PC from a fantasy race you're not familiar with, this series has you covered

5 Tips For Playing Better Dwarves
5 Tips For Playing Better Elves
5 Tips For Playing Better Halflings
5 Tips For Playing Better Gnomes
- 5 Tips For Playing Better Tieflings and Aasimar
- 5 Tips For Playing Better Half-Elves and Half-Orcs

5 Tips For LARPs

I love live action games, but they are their own, unique beast. These are some pieces of advice I'd recommend any LARPer keep in mind the next time they get ready to play.

Miscellaneous 5 Tips

Sometimes I write general "5 Tips" articles that are more meant for general use, rather than talking about a single aspect of a particular game. These are some of those!

Player Tips

World Building and DM Tips

Awful Characters You Meet

World of Darkness Tip List

General World/Chronicles of Darkness Advice

Changeling: The Lost

Vampire (Requiem and Masquerade)

Other Numbered Tip Lists

Sometimes I put together lists of tips that are bigger or smaller than the usual 5. But if you're a big fan of tip lists, then these should still hit the spot.

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