Alignment Deep Dives

Alignment is one of those issues that can be difficult to wrap our heads around. Even worse, it tends to cause arguments whenever it crops up. While some players love it, and some players hate it, I thought I'd start a new experiment regarding alignment. In short, I want to take pop culture characters that we all know and love, and dig into their stories through the lens of the nine alignments. My hope is that, with examples to look at and explanations of why certain characters fit into certain boxes, it will help more of us really dig into what an alignment can be.

And even more importantly, it should help us promote teamwork between fellow party members, regardless of their alignments.

Lawful Good

Neutral Good


Chaotic Good

Lawful Neutral


True Neutral


Chaotic Neutral


Lawful Evil

Neutral Evil


  1. The many versions of Batman from the 1960s Lawful Good (on the TV show he started each episode by going to the police to get his orders). To the dark detective, to the dark knight that the comics always wanted him to be. He has been NE, LG.

    Then there are his foes: Harley Quinn has gone from CE to CG. Joker is easy he has always been CE and Penguin has always been LE. But, does Two-Face's coin make him CE, is Poison Ivy NE because she is trying to help the environment like a druid or is she CE?

    Perry Mason was LG in his original series but, what is he in the new series, is he more NG?

    Giving a modern character an alignment will let new players have a way to relate to them. Whenever talk comes up in alignment people always say that Robin the Hood was CG and Superman is LG, but what about the other guys and gals?

  2. I'd also be interested to see some lesser known characters, like John Taylor (from Simon R. Green's Nightside series), or Sam and Dean Winchester

    1. I do love the Nightside series...

    2. John feels like he's somewhere along the good spectru, as he's trying to do the right thing, though in a world where gods are begging for scraps alignment gets hazy.