Character Conversions

This page is specifically for links to character conversions I've completed. While not all of them are hosted here on Improved Initiative they all have the careful thought and finely crunched numbers that readers have come to expect from my character builds. The goal is to add two new character conversions a month, so be sure to check back often!

All right, we're gonna need six more points allocated to Strength... yes, six!


For those who want a peek behind the curtain to see how I create these, make sure you check out my Tips For Writing RPG Character Conversions. Also, if you're looking for inspiration and advice for your next character, I'd recommend taking a look at my 5 Tips page as well. Both of these projects growing bigger all the time, so check back every few months to see what additions I've made!

5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons

I started doing conversions for Pathfinder, but lots of folks have asked me to do some 5th Edition DND guides as well. So I figured I'd give this a try, and we can see if folks want to see more!

The Avengers

My first character conversion series, these were originally lost when Yahoo! Voices closed its doors. Re-hosted and better than ever, here's how to assemble your dream team in Golarion.

The Incredible Hulk
The Mighty Thor
Loki, God of Mischief
The Black Widow
Captain America

The Winter Soldier

Badasses of History

History is full of jaw-dropping hard asses, and I thought it would be fun to do my best to recreate some of them here. These builds are one part character conversion, and one part history lesson, so strap in and find out what your history books weren't teaching you.

Abraham Lincoln
Teddy Roosevelt
Andrew Jackson
Harriet Tubman
George Washington
Doc Holliday
- Lyudmila Pavlichenko

Batman's Rogues Gallery

Batman is a force to be reckoned with, but so are the men and women who make up his rogues gallery. If a hero is defined by his villains, then the Dark Knight must be one of the best-defined heroes out there.

Game of Thrones

The Song of Ice and Fire series by George R. R. Martin is one of the best-known fantasy series in print. Not only that, but its rich cast of characters has been the inspiration for countless tabletop games. If you're looking for inspiration, here are some of the bigger names in the book series.

- Tyrion Lannister
- Bronn
- Gregor Clegane "The Mountain That Rides"
- Sandor Clegane "The Hound"
- Brienne of Tarth
- Loras Tyrell, The Knight of The Flowers
- Jon Snow
- Thoros of Myr
- Oberyn Martell, The Red Viper
- The Unsullied
- Lord Varys "The Spider"
- Khal Drogo
- Syrio Forel
- Jaqen H'ghar "The Faceless Man"
- Melisandre "The Red Woman"

Gotham Knights

Gotham City is a crowded place with so many vigilantes running about they can become hard to keep track of. For those looking to emulate the heroes of this crumbling metropolis, here are some of the most popular characters brought to life!

Marvel Characters (Stand-Alone)

While Marvel Comics focuses on continuity and shared storylines, sometimes converting an entire team just won't work. This is where I put stand-alone characters from my personal favorite comic book publisher.

One-Off Character Conversions

This section is for characters who are either not part of a series, or whose series I won't be doing in their entirety. Movies, comics, video games... if I pull one character out of their world for special attention, this is where you'll find them.

- The Mandalorian (from the TV show The Mandalorian)


After repeated urgings, and having a good binge on the world lore, I thought it was time to try my hand at some of Blizzard's current most popular characters.


  1. It would be cool to see some villains like for avengers ultron and for batman the joker and Harley Quinn also it would be neat to see a vision build and some X-Men or a quicksilver and scarlet witch build

  2. how about an owen from jurassic world ranger build with raptor companions?

    1. An interesting idea. I may get to something like that eventually, or use it as filler between series, but I'm trying to stick to bigger groups of conversions. Things like Batman's Rogue's Gallery, Heroes of Pulp (The Shadow, Green Hornet, etc.), and others are much more likely. One-offs like Own, Judge Dredd, or the Punisher may show up at some point, though.

    2. Having just read this, where would John Constantine fall? Would you consider him a One-Off? Curious mainly because i would adore to read your take on Constantine. - KC

  3. The predators would be great for hunting players

  4. How about Sol Badguy? I could probably see him as a Magus/Barbarian or something

  5. Another GOT character that would be great is Daario Naharys

  6. The Spook from the Last Apprentice.

  7. Another series you could do would be LoTR characters for Pathfinder.

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  9. I know you have said that you are doubting if these conversions are reaching anyone, but I implore you to continue; they have much to offer for an aspiring gamer, I certainly like them a great deal!

    It reminds me of something they do over at Geek and Sundry, character conversions for the D&D 5th addition. They've done the Sailor Moon Scouts, Harry Potter characters, the Firefly crew and even Disney princesses.

    Speaking of princesses, while less action oriented Sansa would make for a nice addition to the GoT characters you've got now.

    If you need any other ideas (doubtful), two things that come to mind the most are Alan Moore's "The Watchmen" and the Defenders of Marvel's Netflix shows. Since you've got Punisher and Will Simpson (one of my favorite of your conversions for how unexpected it is) you could definitely expand and get a Defenders list with the likes of Brawler Luke Cage, Investigator Jessica Jones, Monk Iron Fist and Ninja Daredevil/Matt Murdock. Then you'd have plenty left over for their 'rogues gallery', like Assassin Elektra, Kilgrave (wizard of the enchantment school, psionic?) Cottonmouth, and Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin himself... who I have no idea how to convert to Pathfinder terms but would love to see it done!

    Could work to make an entire campaign set in NYC following 'the Incident'. Thanks to you.

    Please continue the great work.


  10. Im loving these conversions and use them in many of my games. Thank you so much

  11. I'd like to see a conversion of the Alchemist from Chronicles of Vidocq. He's not exactly what I'd consider a Pathfinder "Alchemist" exactly, but he would be a neat and awesome foe in an urban setting.

  12. What about the heroes from Justice League Dark: John Constantine, Madame Xanadu, Deadman... That would make for some interesting character conversions

  13. thanks for this nice information about all the episodes and characters but I have already got this information on

  14. Keep going!!! Yes, we are paying attention. Heck I have your page bookmarked!
    Could you do some more magic oriented characters? John Constantine, Dr. Strange.. etc?

  15. You've got two of my favorite historical badasses, Theodore Roosevelt and George Washington. But you gotta have Napoleon.

  16. I would love to see Snake Eyes from G.I. Joe

  17. What about the Marvel character Penance (formerly Speedball) I always thought he’d make a great Pathfinder build.

  18. I like these articles, they are very well thought of and true to their inspiration.
    I'd like to see some more super heroes build (X-men maybe?), somehow i find those very fitting for conversion to Pathfinder.

  19. Hmm i have one request for the badasses of history MAD JACK CHURCHILL seriously guy was nuts and needs more love

  20. For true fans of this thread I will address is a free online! Marvel Super war Tier List

  21. What about a Mr Freeze?
    There are so many different angles that his build could go. How would you build him?

  22. Hey! I absolutely love these character builds :) Would you consider doing a build for each of the members of the Fellowship of the Ring? I've scoured the internet and haven't seen anyone attempt them.

  23. Great approach to using the Pathfinder rules to build unique and interesting NPC's. Would love to see Tywin Lannister and Arya Stark stated up if possible.

  24. Have you thought about building out the characters from "The Black Company"? It would be interesting to see them built out.

  25. How about the Elric Brothers? That would be interesting to see.