Monday, June 14, 2021

"Temple of Dagon" From Necromancer Games is a Wild Ride!

It's been a while since I've taken Monday to boost the signal for another creator, but Temple of Dagon by James Thomas is something that deserves your attention. The adventure is available for Pathfinder, for Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition, and for Swords and Wizardry, so whichever edition you prefer get your hands on that one... but whatever you do, get a copy of this damn book already!

Seriously... just LOOK at it!

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What Makes This Adventure a Must Have?

So, there are two parts of why I think Temple of Dagon is something you need to add to your shelf immediately, regardless of which edition you prefer. Let's start with the more universal aspects, and then I'll get into the personal preferences.

To start with, this adventure's layout is lovely, making things easy to follow, and providing the game master with everything in a clear, simple-to-read format. The maps in particular are very good with no overcomplication. And while it's impossible to predict all the potential things players could do, the adventure is very good about laying out specific actions that will cause particular repercussions within the story being told (such as the death of a specific NPC leading to their followers fleeing the ruins quickly, thus greatly shifting the balance of power if the PCs would otherwise have had to deal with those followers) so that everything feels organic however your players choose to progress.

As to the second part, this adventure hits a lot of my happy buttons! I love cosmic horror, I don't think enough games are willing to really embrace watery settings (they do exist, but they are a minority for most established games), and the particular choices of monsters and adventure are perfect for a romp that can be as scary or as smash-and-grab as you desire. It also gives me strong vibes reminiscent of the Fighting Fantasy novel Demons of The Deep, which I mean as a high form of praise. If you're someone who wants more single-player RPGs, then I would also recommend checking out that book as well, as that's basically what the series was written for.

If you've been in the market for a fun adventure that isn't going to be a huge commitment, but which will give your players plenty of time to stretch their muscles and try some new builds and stories on for size, then I cannot recommend this enough. Big thanks to James Thomas for giving me a chance to look it over, and pass the good word on to all of you!

Also, for those DND 5th Edition players who are looking for some more water-themed adventures with a dark undertone, don't forget to check out my modules The Curse of Sapphire Lake and Ghosts of Sorrow Marsh. Slashers, spooks, haunted wetlands, and disturbing secrets abound in these low-level modules that can make great intros for new players, and fun one-offs for experienced ones!

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