Monday, April 1, 2024

Supplement Sequels- What Would You Like To See?

Folks who've been following my work for a while know that the bulk of my TTRPG supplements have been described as GM Prep splats. In short, I write a lot of lists of people, places, things, random encounters, setting flavor, plot hooks, rumors, and so on, and so forth. And while I've tried to keep things fresh over the years, some ideas clearly hit (like my 100 NPCs You Might Meet at The Tavern, which was my first platinum-level supplement, or A Baker's Dozen of Brothels, which is my fastest Electrum-level seller ever), while others have missed the mark somewhat.

However, since I've had to change-up some of my content strategies recently, I wanted to run an idea past some of my readers out there. To that end, would any of you be interested in sequels to any of my existing supplements where I give you even more of a particular topic to work with at your table?

After all, I want to give folks stuff they'll actually use.

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Trying To Take The Audience's Temperature

I want to start off here by saying that I am far from dry on ideas. I've got stuff I'm actively working on slated to get turned in over the next 2-3 months, and a list of potential projects that goes on for a page or two in my deskside notebook once I manage to finish those off. For those who are curious, it includes a meta supplement, some more stuff for Army Men: A Game of Tactical Plastic, as well as some miscellaneous fantasy and sci-fi supplements I've been kicking around for a bit.

However, rather than rolling the dice and hoping that one of my new ideas is going to be something that really strikes a chord with GMs and players out there, I figured I'd see if there were any particular wells people wanted me to go back to, and expand on a little more.

Such as with this early Electrum seller.

The setup these sequels would take would be something like, "100 More Cults to Encounter," if I were to try to write a sequel to the splat book linked above, or "Another Baker's Dozen Pieces of Lore," if I wanted to write a sequel to one of my earlier books A Baker's Dozen Pieces of Lore. The general idea is, of course, that I would cover the same topic with new entries, giving GMs even more things to work with that fit this mold.

Or, if folks would like a more detailed version of a longer list, I could take an existing "100 X" list, and instead make a "Baker's Dozen" version of it where I either choose existing entries to really flesh out, or where I provide new entries with a lot more heft to them than the original book. This is not dissimilar to how I used the freelances in 100 Random Mercenary Companies as my fodder for Sellswords of Sundara, or how several of the entries in 100 Fantasy Guilds acted as inspiration for the follow-up supplement Guilds of Sundara.

This Is, Of Course, Just An Option

As with so many other things I propose here on this blog, this is just an idea. If the audience isn't really feeling this direction, I can pursue a variety of other projects. But if this is something you'd like to see from me in the coming months, here's what I need you to do for me:

- Leave a comment below, telling me whether you want more 100 lists, or Baker's Dozens
- Tell me which of my existing lists you'd like revisited (full archive here)
- Mention which RPG system, if any, you'd like to see the books made for

And, of course, if you'd rather see me break new ground on new material, rather than revisit old topics, let me know that in the comments as well! The whole goal of this update is to figure out what it is you all want to see coming out in the near future, after all!

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